March UKA Examinations

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March UKA Examinations
24 March 2013, 1:15pm-6:30pm
Dance Chelmsford
March 5, 2013
Newland Spring Community Centre
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Dickens Place, Newland Sping, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4UU, United Kingdom

It’s exam time once again at Dance Chelmsford!


Exams will be held at Newland Spring Community Centre on Sunday 24th March 2013.

 All payments for exams MUST be made before the 24th March.


Here are the times for your exams on Sunday 24th March.  If there are any problems please let Chloe know as soon as possible via email – 


Ballroom and Latin exams;

Please make sure you are dressed in the appropriate attire.  Women/Girls need to be in a plain coloured dress or skirt/top. Ballroom and Latin skirts ideally.  Children (girls) under 12 years old are required to wear white ankle socks (frilly or plain). No leggings/denim/shrugs/tights (unless skin coloured) All women/girls must wear their hair up, in a bun and out of the face.  Men/Boys must wear black, smart trousers, a white long sleeved shirt and black tie for Ballroom and black, smart trousers with  (no jeans)  black shirt for Latin.


Hip Hoppers;

Please be advised by Saana.


Good luck to all pupils taking part!



1:20pm Jody  De’Ath Associate W,T,F,Q
3:00pm Michelle Denny Intro 1 Hip Hop
3:00pm Gemma  Hicks Intro 1 Hip Hop
3:03pm Beth Grace Shirtcliffe Intro 1 Hip Hop
3:03pm Rosh Claire Loxley Intro 1 Hip Hop
3:06pm Laura Anne Smith Intro 1 Hip Hop
3:09pm Molly Leathers Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:09pm Harriet Rae Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:12pm Michelle Denny Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:12pm Gemma  Hicks Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:15pm Beth Grace Shirtcliffe Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:15pm Rosh Claire Loxley Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:18pm Laura Anne Smith Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:18pm Chris  Abbott Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:21pm Lynne  McMillan Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:21pm John  Sari Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:24pm Corinna  Bourke Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:24pm Robert Dennis Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:27pm Emily  Peckham Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:27pm Kelly Jenkins Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:30pm Deannah Louise Harris Intro 2 Hip Hop
3:33pm Olivia Burchan Uni-Ted Master Plaque Waltz
3:33pm Lauren Wells Uni-Ted Master Plaque Waltz
3:35pm Olivia Wells Uni-Ted Master Plaque Waltz
3:35pm Olivia Gibbens Uni-Ted Master Plaque Waltz
3:37pm Matilda Hudson Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:37pm Cezary Czaplak Uni-Ted Master Plaque Waltz
3:39pm Madison Cox Uni-Ted Master Plaque Waltz
3:39pm Gracie Cottis Uni-Ted Master Plaque Waltz
3:41pm Lauren Illinesi Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:41pm Adam Salvo Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:43pm Olivia Gibbens Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:43pm Elinor Medcroft Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:45pm Feya Eggins Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:45pm Sarah  Groom Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:47pm Darcey McMillan Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:47pm Leila Santini Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:49pm Hayley Roberts Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:49pm Sophia Santini Uni-Ted Badge Foxtrot
3:51pm Olivia Gibbens Uni-Ted Badge Freestyle
3:56pm Chloe Salmon Intro 1 Waltz
3:56pm Hannah Kulik Intro 1 Waltz
3:59pm Amy  Maguire Intro 1 Waltz
3:59pm Molly Farrow Intro 1 Waltz
4:02pm Lois  Gardner Intro 1 Waltz
4:05pm Chloe Roberts Intro 1 Waltz
4:05pm Emily  Burton Intro 1 Waltz
4:07pm Kate Chaplin Intro 1 Waltz
4:10pm Silvan  Ledwell Intro 1 Waltz  
4:10pm Craig Kinninmonth Intro 1 Waltz
4:14pm Debbie  Ledwell Intro 1 Waltz 
4:14pm Julia Kinninmonth Intro 1 Waltz
4:18pm Phoebie  Brown Intro 1 Waltz
4:21pm Silvan  Ledwell Intro 3 Foxtrot
4:21pm Kevin Silver Intro 3 Foxtrot
4:25pm Debbie  Ledwell Intro 3 Foxtrot
4:28pm Jody  Moroz One Dance Badge V.Waltz
4:30pm Amber  Barnes-Yates Bronze  Waltz & Quickstep
4:34pm Emily  Daniels Bronze  Waltz & Quickstep
4:38pm Amber  Barnes-Yates Bronze  Tango & Foxtrot
4:38pm Victoria  Hawkins Bronze  Tango & Foxtrot
4:42pm Louise Walsh Bronze  Tango & Foxtrot
4:46pm Hannah Greeenland Bronze  Tango & Foxtrot
4:50pm Kerry Yates Silver W,F,Q
4:55pm Martin Yates Silver W,F,Q
5:00pm Pam Sabine Gold W,T,F,Q
5:05pm Sarah  Hayto Gold Bar 1 W,T,F,Q
5:11pm Emma  Gibson Gold Bar 2 W,T,F,Q
5:17pm Rebecca Leff Gold Bar 2 W,T,F,Q
5:30pm Silvan  Ledwell Intro 2 CCC
5:30pm Kevin Silver Intro 2 CCC
5:34pm Debbie  Ledwell Intro 2 CCC
5:34pm Lynne  McMillan Intro 2 CCC
5:38pm Phoebie  Brown Intro 2 CCC
5:41pm Justin  Cox Intro 2 CCC
5:44pm Craig Kinninmonth Intro 2 CCC
5:47pm Julia Kinninmonth Intro 2 CCC
5:50pm Silvan  Ledwell Intro 4 Jive
5:50pm Kevin Silver Intro 4 Jive
5:54pm Debbie  Ledwell Intro 4 Jive
5:58pm Emily  Daniels Bronze  Samba & Rumba
6:02pm Mel Royce Bronze  CCC & Jive
6:10pm Eileen  McCarthy Gold Bar 1 CCC,S,R,J
6:16pm Laura Hart Gold Bar 1  CCC,S,R,J
6:16pm Emma  Griffin Gold Bar 3  CCC,S,R,J
6:22pm Mark  Perrott Gold Bar 3  CCC,S,R,J